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Web based Client Relationship Management program customized specifically for Travel Professionals

Let's Talk About Magic Plus CRM

The developers at Magic Plus CRM noticed a void in the CRM market for agencies that “specialize” in Orlando based theme parks and resorts and wanted to design a CRM that earmarked these particular agency’s pursuits. While one developer has more than 18 years experience in software design, the others have over 16 years experience as travel professionals specializing in Orlando destination travel; together they created Magic Plus CRM.

Agency owners and agents know how critical it is to track a client’s personal information, as well as, the importance of tracking agent bookings, revenue, commissions and more. With Magic Plus CRM, the user has the ability to do just that, with easy to use templates in our web based program that are accessible from anywhere, anytime, from any device with wifi/internet connectivity.

Magic Plus CRM provides customized templates specifically for Orlando destinations as well as, templates for destinations around the world. If you would like to see more destination specific templates, let us know what templates will make your life easier and we will create them for you.

After months of hard work, collaboration and dedication to the design of Magic Plus CRM, we are excited to share it with you! We absolutely love Magic Plus CRM and hope that you will too. So take it for a spin and tell us what you think.

Magic Plus CRM respects your privacy and will never sell or share any data that you provide or manually input into Magic Plus CRM. You are our #1 priority!

Click on the pricing page to test Magic Plus CRM and let us know if it’s right for you. shoot us an email about us.

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Each client has his or her own profile. See client contact information, picture of client, family members, favorite destinations, current and travelled reservations, dining reservations, loyalty numbers, important celebration dates and more.

Each client profile will contain direct access to their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest, allowing you to interact with the client on a more personal level.

Keep track of bookings, revenue, commissions, and sales performance per agent/agency as well as per month/year. Run reports, send agent commission statements, print payment summary for clients and much more.

Set reminders, notes and important tasks, visible on your start page and emailed to you each day. Customize quote templates, data forms, email templates and more.

Market through email blasts to specific or all clients (coming soon).

Hold meetings with your agents through the chat feature (coming soon). Meetings can include all specific agents. Agents will be alerted when a meeting is about to begin.

There’s no need for multiple tracking systems, email builders, marketing sites, to do lists, etc. It’s all right here in one magical place! Magic Plus CRM!.

No software necessary. Works with all browsers and platforms.

Would you like more information?

  • Magic Plus CRM was designed and written in collaboration with Travel Professionals understanding the needs of agencies specializing in Disney Destinations. This program is not limited to tracking and marketing Disney Destinations. It can track all destination sales and marketing information and can be customized to include specific destination templates. Just tell us what you need!
  • Would you like to test Magic Plus CRM for 60 days at no cost? We can magically make that happen for you. At the end of your 60-day trial period, you will given the option to continue using Magic Plus CRM. If you absolutely love our program, simply let us know which plan option you would like and we will set up your Agency for you.
  • Also, coming soon, a great feature that will allow you to interact not only with your agents, but also with your client. Your client will have a personal login to their profile page where you can send them notes, set reminders for them, provide their itinerary/trip details and allow them to upload trip photos.
  • These are a few of the features coming soon to this magical, fun and innovative program. We sincerely hope you love it as much as we do!
  • Magically yours…..


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